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Let's give a warm QQ welcome to Steve Genewick!

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Mar 30, 2009
London, England
From SG's FB page:
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wow what a lineup!! 😍
Bruce Botnick!!! 😱
Greg Penny!! 🤩
.. trying not to get my hopes up but maybe by some slim chance we might just get some more Elton in surround after all.. maybe after a new Atmos push!? wonder when this stuff is coming out and in what form.. 🤔


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Jan 24, 2018
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From SG's FB page:
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Yeah great video... Interesting that Steve's done some Rolling Stones in Atmos for test purposes! Goats Head Soup must have been a challenge indeed! And like fredblue said maybe the unreleased Eltons will see the light of day in Atmos?!? Even better if Greg Penny was on Acid! 🤩

Can't wait for this stuff, just wish we had more information of when it's getting released?!? And what were the tracks they played after the talk?!? A real whodunit.... 🤯
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