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Jul 19, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
Good presentation….. I’ve currently got both Tidal & Apple Music…once I finish transferring my playlists from Tidal to Apple Music…it’s bye bye Tidal… because they are a complete rip-off
I have been using Tidal for the last four years, and there are three main reasons that prevent me from switching to Apple Music, despite the difference in price. Feel free to disagree and persuade me to do the switch.

1) I don't want to buy an Apple TV 4K to listen to the Atmos Mixes. Now I can use my LG Tv and it works flawlessly;

2) I don't want Apple to mess up with my personal library. If Sync Library is on, it can change the files, artworks, metadata, etc. I am so scared this can happen, considering the amount of time I've spent on my digital library;

3) Apple Music doesn't support Wasapi, while Tidal does. Listening to Tidal via Intel NUC > Wasapi Exclusive Mode > Denon AVR works so well. Same experience with mobile listening.

Of course, I have been using Tidal for stereo listening, mainly. I have also found a way to download the content for analysis in Audacity, which is a nice thing before committing to an expensive purchase. Having said that, the family plan is 29,99 euros per month (I've subscribed with my Italian Credit Card, in Australia it would be AU$35).


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Jan 1, 2010
Southern NY
The 2009 5.1 remix was also issued in lossless form as a FLAC download: