Listening now to this stereo/mono CD.


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Gentle Giant - The Missing Piece

More commercial than earlier albums which is good and bad. A few decent tracks especially Winning. The sound is OK though the 2.0 24/96 on the Bluray sounds kinda congested at times.
As with all of these GG remixes prefer the instrumental version, seems more focused without the vocals.
After owning this on vinyl "some years ago", I had to buy this wonderful release on CD for the first time very recently. Interestingly enough, this Netherlands version comes in a super jewel (SACD style case), not a standard CD jewel case.

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Jimi Hendrix-Songs For Groovy Children (The Fillmore East Concerts)-released 2019.
Would be Band Of Gypsys (Billy Cox and Buddy Miles), 5 disc set, 2 sets Dec 31, 1969 and two sets Jan 1st 1970.
I am listening to Disc 2-Second set Dec 31,1969. Track 1 has a countdown to New Years Eve, and announcer says welcome to the new decade (1970), that made me smile.
DR's are 11's and 12's.
Note: CD 1, first set Dec 1969 is identical to the Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD first set only, released 2016.
I compared the two and sound wise there is not really anything to gain by purchasing the expensive out of print AP. Much more value for this 2019 box set and at DR's 11 & 12, no slouch. AMAZON $43.00

If you're into old school fusion jazz (with some impressive keyboard work), you owe it to yourself to check out this Richmond, VA based band's lone release recorded back in the day in Washington, DC. This is yet another great release I owned on vinyl years ago and discovered it's since been released on CD...


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