Listening now to this stereo/mono CD.


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Stanley Turrentine - Common Touch

My first foray into these recent Blue Note UHQ CDs from Japan, mastered by Kevin Gray.
Good album but you really have to crank it (not a bad thing) for the sound to flesh out.
Will buy more, have a Lee Morgan on the way.
There are a bunch of these BN’s released…I fear I’m on the edge of falling into yet another rabbit hole LOL

Dwight Twilley - Wild Dogs

Unfortunate story behind this album as the label got caught up in a payola scandal just before its release torpedoing any chance of success.
It’s an OK album but nothing here that really sticks with me.
Wish I liked it more because of the original effort then, and now for Iconoclassic to give it another chance.
When I play Tea For the Tillerman I want to play The Secret Language of Birds. When I play The Secret Language of Birds I want to play Tea For the Tillerman. :D

Two True North SLOB CDs:

No buzz words, fuzzy fudge words

The Neon Philharmonic - The Moth Confesses

Found this on a recent vacation, at a thrift shop in Pendleton OR of all places, for $1.
Ambitious and complex. It’s good but not surprised it wasn’t successful.
The sound is clear but thin, no bass.

Makes me realize I’ve completely lost touch with the Sundazed label. I used to buy lots from them.

Duke Jupiter - 1

Actually their third album despite the title. Solid early 80’s rock. Like so many other talented bands they never really took off but deserved to.
Hope Iconoclassic releases more from this band.