Listening to in Dolby Atmos Streaming, via Tidal/Apple/Amazon


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Sadly, seems like a double stereo mix for this album. Actually sounded more discrete on my headphones than on a true surround system. Anyone else hear differently?
Yeah, that was disappointing. They were off to a good start with the Kick Atmos mix but nothing very impressive since. I hope they circle back and get someone decent to do mixes of the pre-Kick albums.
Just discovered this singer, kinda surprised no one has mentioned her in this forum yet as far as I can tell. Old time torch song stylings with a modern sound. Her voice is absolutely mesmerizing. I guess it’s debatable whether Atmos adds much to the presentation, but still.
there's more of Laufey's music streaming in Atmos as well 🤗

That one hasn’t gotten an Atmos mix, unless I missed it.
As far as I can tell, only their debut is in Atmos (Via Steven Wilson)

No, they're right. Autofiction (their last and excellent album) used to be in Atmos and looks like that mix (which I found to be not as good as the album) was withdrawn. Argh.
Just re-listening to this. So, um, is it just me or is there really, literally nothing happening in any speakers other than the front three?
Like many other streaming Atmos mixes, my experience is that boosting the rear levels makes a huge (positive) difference.
I took a close look at this yesterday and found the same thing! After editing the files - and in some, the rears had to be pumped significantly - I'm really impressed. This is a solid mix all of a sudden!
Apple offering labels and artists incentives to provide dolby atmos mixes.
This subject should probably have its own thread, but I thought I would post it here until I figure out how to do that!
I’m surprised that Apple would take this approach because it seems like Spatial Audio has been widely adopted and new mixes keep coming out.

I worry about the potential for more “double stereo” or “fake” Atmos mixes to be released solely to capitalize on the additional royalties. I also hope that the higher revenue sharing doesn’t result in more Apple Music exclusives.