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Jimmy Buffett! Changes in Latitudes...
Odd, another Dad album for me. Searched for this on Ben Dodson's site. Didn't know it was out.
Real deal mix. Vocals in L, R, not in center. Center has acoustic guitar and hats. Rears have electric guitars, strings, etc. Nice string stuff happening. Keys in sides. Harmonica up top. Not bad!
(Now past 10pm mountain time...) Happy Father's Day to you Dads! :hi
Never listened to beyonce before today, but Renaissance sounds great. I am listening at my parents' house in 5.1 and it kills. The mains are Infinity Kappa's 8.1, holy crap this sounds good.
The Billy Idol is a nice mix, once I got used to the limited dynamics compared to the beyonce mix.
No more 360 Reality Audio on Tidal. Guessing it means more files in Atmos. 😀

MQA is also history on Tidal.

360 Reality Audio:
If you have a 360 Reality Audio track or album in your Collection – including in a playlist or downloaded for offline access – you will see the track or album grayed out and unavailable for streaming if you try to select it.

Doesn't sound promising...
Which must have quads are available only on Tidal in 360, and not on Apple Music under the Dolby Audio section?
Which must have quads are available only on Tidal in 360, and not on Apple Music under the Dolby Audio section?
there are a fair few unique titles, including previously unreleased Quads (possibly worthy of its own thread?) including..

- Jose Feliciano "Compartments", "Feliciano!",
- Harry Belafonte "Live At Carnegie Hall" & "Play Me",
- Johnny Mathis "Love Story", "Me & Mrs Jones", "You've Got A Friend", "Song Sung Blue", "I'm Coming Home", "When Will I See You Again",
- Waylon Jennings "Ladies Love Outlaws",
- Dolly Parton "Bubbling Over",
- Dolly & Porter Wagoner (can't remember the titles, sorry!),
- John Denver "Poems, Prayers & Promises",
- Mahavishnu Orchestra "Between Nothingness And Eternity",
- Harry Nilsson "Nilsson Schmilsson", "Duit On Mon Dei",
- Ray Price "For The Good Times",
- Janis Joplin "Pearl",
- Simon & Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Water",
- Paul Simon "Paul Simon", "There Goes Rhymin' Simon",
- Redbone "Message From A Drum", "Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes",
- Santana "Borboletta", "Festival",
- Bruce, West & Laing "Why Dontcha",
- Buddy Rich "A Different Drummer",
- Herbie Hancock "Secrets"..