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Listening to Now (In Dolby Atmos)

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Jan 24, 2018
UK 🇬🇧
What are you listening to in Dolby Atmos?! How does the mix sound? Could this be a game changer for surround sound?!


I'll get the ball rolling....

Just listening to some Bee Gees in Atmos surround in Tidal!

Wow never thought I'd be able to say that?! Only 2 songs from Saturday Night Fever available so far... Album originally released in 1977 it's a shame Quad couldn't just hang on a bit! Although I believe 'A Fifth Of Beethoven' by Walter Murphy did get a release?

More Than A Woman - Fairly standard mix, nothing too spectacular. The music puts you in the centre and does the (jive) talking here... I wonder what Johnny 5 from Short Circuit would make of it?! 🤖

You Should Be Dancing - Bit more adventurous... Some nice ping pong "Agghhs" and "Ooohs" from different speakers. Have to admit my shoulders are starting to shuffle along with the music. Although it's more David Brent than John Travolta. 😂

Your turn...


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Jan 20, 2019
Yardley, PA