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Jul 9, 2015
San Mateo CA
Listening now to this symphony release in 4.0. Exquisite. From Dutton Vocalion. I purchased this as an add on to the new 6 discs from DV, why? I do like the DV surround discs that they have which are movie soundtracks and on this disc the 10:41 Track 7 The Thing From Another World attracted me. I am enjoying all of it. The Guns Of Navarone is also included.
I have to bitch here a little. I purchased the expensive Pink Floyd box set, I did what I did, not going backwards, ended up being disappointing, not necessarily for the money spent, but for the content. How many ways are there to listen to Shine On You Crazy Diamond? When I compare the Floyd set vs the 7 discs I got from DV, the value is incomparable. For 1/4 the cost I have got much more to listen to and in good quality surround or stereo if I want. My DV collection is now almost as big as my Audio Fidelity collection and I am more happy about Dutton Vocalion than any other release. Outside of the 2019 release of The Beatles and The Band my gems of 2019 have been the DV surround 4.0 discs. I also have really absorbed the whole quadraphonic thing, 4.0, that I didn't fully understand before, tapes, records, etc.


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Dec 20, 2013
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Peter Gabriel - Live In Athens
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
Porcupine Tree - The Raven That Refused To Sing
Van Morrison - Moondance

I remember getting high to records and 8-Tracks back in the day, where every note was swirling around within and without me, but I never imagined that it could ever really be this freaking real and good. I love this place out in cyber-space where surround music is celebrated, and I celebrate all of you! Obviously I'm really buzzed right now and having a surroundy great time, but that doesn't mean that every word I said is untrue.

This shit is great!



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Mar 8, 2015
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W O W !
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M.A.S.S. Mysteria (An Electronic Journey Into Sound)
Thanks SO much to @surroundinmind for starting this thread
My copy arrived today, playing it now...A fine chill out album.
It states in large type, that it's STEREO on each disc.
You will all be pleased to know that it has a multi ch layer!!
Phew....the detective work we have to do, to get the right surround music!!