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Jan 9, 2013
no word on my Hackett Live at Hammersmith, so i'm spinning this
View attachment 58450 Steve Hackett The Night Siren
Watched Steve Hackett & Company's SUPERB LIVE @ Hammersmith BD~V in its entirety last night [over 2 hours] and you will LOVE it. Steve Wilson did a superb 5.1 remix and each and every instrument comes through with utmost clarity with a nice immersive feel. Strictly APOLITICAL save for a glaring FCK BXRT sticker on the rear of the keyboards. In the interview, Steve did mention his next complete LIVE Genesis recording will be SECONDS OUT but I'm sure that will be curtailed because of Covid 19.

And I will add, Steve looks GREAT....is a phenom guitar virtuoso and continues to release stunning albums, solo and with Hungarian group DJABE!