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Dec 23, 2010
Orbital - The Altogether 5.1 (DTS DVD)

Complete album in DTS 5.1
30 mins bonus audio in DD 5.1
Videos for every track
Lots of alt videos/ extras (including Brian Cant - this will probably only impress UK readers)
Very cheap used
Mix is very active at times.

Sound is not very good - possibly because it's based on a load of samples? It's 48/16 DTS so not hi res but that still ought to be OK. This sounds worse than normal 44/16.
Mix is almost too clever - there's a lot of subtlety in the movement of sounds which might have sounded great in the studio but which is a bit nebulous on my system.
Sub didn't seem to do very much. I was expecting a lot more from an electronica act.

Overall: Worth a try (esp as it's cheap)