Listening to Now (In Surround) - Volume 2

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Jul 5, 2002
Surf City, CA
I generally do my listening, my serious listening at night when I can sit and focus on just the music. But this idea seems to be preventing me from doing as much listening as I'd like. Surround program listening in particular, I seem to have not gotten around to as much as I'd like. I started today with two surround albums, two titles I played and just went about my day around the house not concerned with being in the sweet spot and staying focused on just the music. I need to just get with it and enjoy the music more.

So today I played Jeff Beck - "Blow by Blow" and Townshend & Lane - "Rough Mix" and then a few songs from The O'Jays - "Ship Ahoy" which was enjoyable.

I think I will start doing this every day. Like start my day with a couple of surround albums, play them but not concern myself with hearing every note and where it is placed from the sweetest spot in the room.

Tomorrow I think I will revisit Beck - "Wired" maybe a few songs from Clapton - "461 Ocean" and then a few songs from The Isleys or more O'Jays, or that Miracles disc on DV?