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kap'n krunch

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Nov 25, 2008
la nouvelle orleàns, estados hundidos
I see that one - Jun Makino's for sale by KUPIKU-COM on discogs, but be careful ordering with them, they won't sell for under a certain amount and ship to the USA from my experience, YMMV
hmmm...thanks for the heads up ...if they did have that policy, it's not on their "seller's terms" , yeah, contact them first...

Tornado Red

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Jul 7, 2015
Winnipeg, Canada

We're taking on water
Diesel and stores
Laying up awhile
Before I'm back on board
They're patching her up
To go fishing again
Fishing again

Is it just me or is this disc impossible to find at a decent price? Just like The Man With The Guitar (Masayoshi Takanaka).
Then again it could be because my searching skills are horrendous, or the fact that I'm searching for small-run Japanese SACDs 15 years after release.
Boom, Like That

This SAYS it's SACD hybrid, but it is Amazon.


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Jul 9, 2015
San Mateo CA
Ask this dude also... I mean, just look at his Avatar ;)

@JanBakker is the Arjen Luccassen expert. If it where not for Jan I would have never gotten into Ayreon and all the rest. Maybe The Electric Church my favorite, because of Fish's vocals? The last one with Satriani very good, Transitus, it is a wise decision to purchase the deluxe sets as you get a real good storyline with the performance. The video 5.1 of Ayreon Universe Live is great also. There all good. He uses players and vocalists from all over the world.


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Aug 13, 2015
Wherever I May Roam
Pretty sure I paid up for my copy Baggy! Looks like on discogs it ranges from about $125-400 for that beauty; but I'd bet you already know all about that. Not sure I'm ready to let go of my copy just yet.

Now the Destiny's Child SACD, I might actually have an extra copy of that one (they seem to be much easier to obtain than the Beyoncé.) Seems like the Destiny's Child has several different releases, I'd imagine the same mix on all but not sure. I believe I read somewhere there was some licensing issues or something with the artist, leading to it being pulled early from the market, for that Beyoncé, but check me on that! Both were mixed by our man @ThomC. Like I said, the mix was good on the Beyoncé, but I seem to remember thinking the Destiny's Child mix sounded unusual and almost experimental in nature (but it's been a long time since I checked it out.)

Maybe this will console you a little :unsure:

Totally cool, Pups. IIRC, you live close enough that I should just visit sometime and have you DJ some select obscure tracks!


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Jan 9, 2013