Listening to Now (In Surround) - Volume 2


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Julian Bream CONCERTOS FOR LUTE & ORCHESTRA; CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ [RCA RED SEAL/DUTTON EPOCH/QUAD SACD] Sumptuous sonics and brilliant performances from Julian Bream and the Monteverdi Orchestra conducted by John Eliot Gardiner. TT: 69'59"

What a great disk. Really a lute concerto disk with a killer filler of the Concierto.
It is, great performance, and I think I got it for about a £1 or 2 in a DV sale some years ago!
I am curious? Why would someone downmix a 5.1 to a 2.0? If a person owned the Blu Ray of Electric Ladyland why wouldn't they just listen to either the 24/96 of the 5.1 or the 24/96 of the 2.0?
Do these people like the BD-A but they don't like RBCD (Disc1)?
Prior to the box set being released my favorite RBCD version was the 4/10/2013 Japanese Blu-Spec CD2.
Sorry for all the questions but what you said had me wondering.

Are you sure the 2.0 is not really Dolby Surround for backward compatibility?

Most DVDs have Dolby Surround as the default when a player's stereo output is used.
R.E.M. NEW ADVENTURES IN HI~FI 25th Anniversary Edition [Craft Records/2 RBCDs/1 BD~A 5.1] Spectacular remaster in discrete 5.1 enclosed in a hard cased booklet


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of R.E.M.'s tenth studio album. This Deluxe 2-CD/1-Blu-ray offers a trove of content, including the remastered album, B-sides and rarities, a previously unreleased outdoor projection film, and EPK. Also features hi-res and 5.1 Surround Sound audio, plus restored music videos including "Electrolite" and "E-Bow the Letter." Housed in a hardcover book containing archival photos and new liner notes with reflections from the band, Patti Smith, Thom Yorke, and more.