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HiRez Poll Mayer, John - ROOM FOR SQUARES [SACD]

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Rate the SACD of John Mayer - ROOM FOR SQUARES

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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your comments, thoughts and observations.......(y) :phones (n)

Here is an SACD from................SONY! :D
And I found it at Best Buy!! :eek:

Only available as a DualDisc prior to this release.

Interestingly, the date on the back is 2001!!??



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Aug 2, 2008
Not a winner, not a loser either.
This title could be so much more in surround! The CD sounds much more natural and warmer - can't really tell what went wrong here. The mix by album's original mixer Jack Joseph Puig (the two Mayer surround releases are most likely his one-off 5.1 job) is discrete enough to qualify, but suffers mainly from weird and unnecessary distortion (something for what Adam invented a term "Up-Rez-ing" in the other thread for this title). I like more than a half of the tunes so much, that I'm gonna keep the SACD, but the back-up dualdisc has to go, still sealed.
Was torn between 6 and 7 here, but I'm gonna go with the lesser mark, as I have strong suspicion that there are certain elements missing in the mix, that are prominent on the CD version. Also, Mayer's sophomore SACD Heavier Things deserves one or two points more, solely for the sound.
Best tracks: Why Georgia, Neon, City Love, 83, St. Patrick's Day
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