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MB Surround Demo Disc!

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Jul 8, 2014
Cygnus X - 1
from their website http://www.mediahyperium.com/news.php

This music DVD lets you fully explore the possibilities offered by this innovative new Frontbass technology featuring speakers tailored to the vehicle along with a superb digital amplifier. This compilation of tracks has been put together exclusively for Mercedes-Benz Signature Sound with the guidance of two individuals to whom excellence comes as second nature: Grammy® Award winners Herbert Waltl (mediaHYPERIUM) and Leslie Ann Jones (Skywalker Sound).
Together, they have created surround sound mixes which have been customised especially for the acoustic environment of the SL and are perfectly adapted to the positions of the driver and passengers


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Jan 1, 2010
Southern NY
are these true surround mixes like Elliot's acura mixes?
They're...interesting. Admittedly I haven't listened in a while, but some of them sound upmix-like with not a lot going on in the rears.

Also, though unrelated, not all those mixes on the Acura discs are by Elliot- those samplers feature tracks such as "Money For Nothing" from Brothers In Arms (Chuck Ainlay), "The Load-Out/Stay from Running On Empty (Greg Ladanyi), "Monday Morning" from Fleetwood Mac (Ken Caillat), etc etc.