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400 Club - QQ All-Star
Apr 23, 2006
Knoxville, Tennessee
The AIX discs unfortunately don't get a lot of discussion around here. I get that the music doesn't appeal to everybody, but I have a special place in my heart for any small, independent company that has a passion for what they do. I have 15 of thelr DVD-As now and when I eventually make the jump to BR (kicking and screaming), the first disc I buy will probably be their BNO-2 release.

The Dorian Michael DVD-A probably has a broader appeal than most AIX discs to QQ members, being acoustic blues (note: strictly instrumental), and some nifty guitar playing not only from the featured artist but also Lawrence Juber and Albert Lee. This needs some attention, so I'll give it a whack.

I always listen to the "Stage" mix with AIX. THe company's approach with their Stage mixes is to put the listener in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the performers, in a setting that feels very 'live.' There's also an Audience option, for those who like a more subdued experience.

The upbeat "Jam on This" and "El Morro" are my favorite tunes. The bit of percussion in right rear on "Jam" really makes a difference, and "Morro" rocks out with a great, very in-your-living-room live sound. "All Dressed Up" is good too, as the performers take turns trading licks back and forth. I love the steel guitar on "Oakdale Special", not much of that available in surround. "Very Blue Hawaii" and "Slow Blues in C" are probably my preferred slower tracks. "Gravel Flats" has a neat, kind of Celtic sound.

Maybe it's because I prefer the upbeat numbers, but to me some of the more laid back numbers seem to recede into a less than "surroundy" experience as compared to other AIX discs. But in all of them the instruments sound fabulous.

There are lots of bonus features too, read all about them on the back cover above.

I'm voting a 9 on this one, which includes a bit of rounding up for the tracks that stand out over those that don't.

Mark Z

PS: Bargain hunters will find that AIX discs can often be found at prices well below retail these days -- try Amazon for instance. Seems like AIX must have sold off a number of new DVD-As at discounted prices for one reason or another (probably has something to do with their move to BR).