MK Question #3 - Playing with Ambrosia?

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Jun 10, 2016
Last evening I sent Mike a note wondering if he'd drop by and/or field some questions about his music. Right before I sent it, I took a look at his website Keneally.com - Scott Chattsfield has done a nice job on it over the years. There were no new Mike news updates since March 2020 when everything tour-wise ground to a halt. I offered if this idea took off we could build him a section like other artists/engineers. Also suggested if we wanted to start off light, I mentioned the example of the occasional dispatches we get from Larry Fast (Synergy). Lastly I said I would try to gather up some questions to gauge the interest level.

If you're not familiar with Mike, take a look at his website Keneally.com to get a feel for all his amazing musical antics with Zappa, Joe Satriani, Devon Townshend to name just a few, along with some amazing solo albums.

I see today I did get a reply from Mike overnight; "Fun! Sure!"
Thanks Mike, I'll see what the droogs want to ask you.
Dang it, Tim! I can't find time to listen to the music I already have by artists I already love. Why do I have to keep learning about more interesting people at this stage of my life? I'm on board without even having heard a note of his music yet, just on the basis of the first 'graf of his autobio:
I loved The Beatles obsessively starting when I was five years old, and over time that love extended to Frank Zappa, ELP, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Wonder, Yes, The Beach Boys, Henry Cow, Joni Mitchell, Gentle Giant, Sly Stone, The Residents, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Steve Reich, XTC, Radiohead and a million other incredible artists. They Might Be Giants too. Beefheart obviously. Thelonious Monk, sheesh. Laurie Anderson too. Crimson! Tull! Let’s talk Thomas Dolby and Leonard Bernstein for a second! All of those influences and countless others have found their way into my music; music which, I hope, doesn’t really sound like any of it, ultimately.
(Plus, as I learned from following up on one of @steelydave's posts last night, he filled in with Ambrosia on a couple of tours.)


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Oct 18, 2002
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“Re: Ambrosia - in 1998 I did some shows in San Pedro and LA with Joe Puerta. I'd seen Ambrosia live in 1975 and fell in love with them and their records, so it was fantastic to play with Joe, who also turns out to be a very wonderful guy. (Playing with Joe is how I met Jason Harrison Smith who went on to be drummer in BFD for two years during the "Dancing" era. He is a brilliant drummer!!). So working with Joe and having that go so well eventually led to me doing a couple of Ambrosia shows (I never toured with them, it was only one-offs). I loved it. I love all the guys who were in the band at the time, all incredibly talented and just super-real people who were a total pleasure to hang out with. Once gigging starts happening again, if they ever need a guitar player for anything I'm up for it, I love that band. I'm kind of surprised I haven't done anything with Burleigh as we really share similar musical taste and I love the way he plays...I think I need to get in touch 🙂