MMH: How to Copy & Paste a Track List from a text file or Web Page


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Jun 13, 2013
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There are some tools in Music Media Helper that requires a track list to name or tag files you are working on:

Split MKV and Rename (Concert Videos)
Edit MKV Chapters (creating a CUE and renaming chapters)
Extract Audio from MKV (Splitting MKVs into FLAC, WAV, M4A or MKA files)
Rename and Tag (General tagging of audio and video files)

These tools have an option to get track list from a Musicbrainz online lookup, but sometimes Musicbrainz wont return releases (maybe it doesn’t yet exist in the database or your search names entered aren’t a close enough match to find the entry).

There is an option in all these tools to 'Copy & Paste from Clipboard'. This option has been in MMH for years, but here's a How To to show how its used, and what it does:

If you do not already have a list of all the titles that you can copy, use your favourite web browser, search for your Concert or Album in Google, find a web page that lists the songs, select all the list text and ‘copy’ (CTRL-C) to your clipboard.

The next figure shows a webpage from Discogs where a mouse was dragged over the track list (ready to copy):

After highlighting (selecting) the track list press CTRL-C to copy the selected text to your clipboard.

If you do have the titles already in a file then open the file, select all the track list text and ‘copy’ (CTRL-C) to your clipboard.

Now click: ‘Paste from Clipboard’ command in the MMH dialog you are using.

This pops up the MMH Track Editor:

Click: ‘Paste Track Titles from Clipboard’ from the toolbar above

The text copied from Discogs is pasted as shown below, but it includes the track length from the Discogs web page:

To remove the track lengths, use the Track Text Editor’s 'Remove' toolbar menu option ‘Remove Trailing Numbers’ as shown above. This removes the unwanted trailing numbers:

Click: ‘Copy Tracks’ to update all the titles and proposed new file names etc back in your MMH tool dialog.

NOTE: MMH will automatically add a sequence prefix to the New Names imported from the clipboard. So you don’t have to add any numeric prefix. You only need to ensure the song titles are in the correct sequence. MMH will actually remove any leading numbers and renumber them, so if some song titles have leading numbers and some don’t’ MMH will clean up those for you.

That's it.

There is no need to copy and paste one track at a time EVER! If you are doing one at a time stop now!