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Moon Earth Records Taiwan SQ Releases

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Mark Anderson

Mar 16, 2004
This is a list of recordings on vinyl that were marketed in Taiwan by Moon Earth Records
with notations that indicate "SQ" and may be Quadraphonic.
Status on these being Quadraphonic has not yet been determined due to
language barriers and not owning the recordings for testing and evaluation.
Titles that list "SQ" use a different font than usual and make no mention of CBS,
the license owner. Because of these differences, there is some doubt that they are
indeed Quadraphonic.
Artists names and album titles may contain errors due to translation therefore
record company names and catalog numbers are the best way of tracking these
recordings. This list is sorted by record companies and catalog numbers.
The record companies listed followed copyright law in most cases and some
exist to this day and are members of Music Publishing Associations.

<a href="https://www.discogs.com/label/777046-Moon-Earth-Records">Moon Earth Records</a>
It is interesting that 9136 and 9142 are listed as stereo while others before and after are
listed as SQ.
This label also pressed popular western artists that are not reflected on Discogs and or of
questionable legality

MEV-9113 Unknown -Unknown. Moon Earth Records MEV 9113 (SQ) [Taiwan]

MEV-9115 Yu Sakura -Rainy Night Flower. Moon Earth Records MEV 9115 (SQ) [Taiwan]
MEV-9116 Sakura cherry -fragrant dreams of love blessing. Moon Earth Records MEV 9116 (SQ) [Taiwan]

MEV-9123 Sakura cherry (YI YING YING) -love in the sunset. Moon Earth Records MEV 9123 (SQ) [Taiwan]
MEV-9124 UNKNOWN -Unknown. Moon Earth Records MEV 9124 (SQ) [Taiwan]

MEV-9130 YING YING -Black Rose. Moon Earth Records MEV-9130 (SQ) [Taiwan]

MEV-9133 Yu Ying Ying –Tianlun Dream Back. Moon Earth Records MEV 9133 (SQ) [Taiwan]
MEV-9134 Zheng Haoyue -why do you love you a person. Moon Earth Records MEV 9134 (SQ) [Taiwan]
MEV-9135 YING YING -love journey. Moon Earth Records MEV-9135 (SQ) [Taiwan]
MEV-9136 >>>No SQ Indication - STEREO<<<
MEV-9141 Yu San Shan -Deep Love Deep. Moon Earth Records MEV 9141 (SQ) [Taiwan]
MEV-9142 >>>No SQ Indication - STEREO<<<
MEV-9143 Unknown -Unknown. Moon Earth Records MEV 9143 (SQ) [Taiwan]

MEV-9146 Yu Sanshan –last night’s dream. Moon Earth Records MEV-9146 (SQ) [Taiwan]