Mr. Afternoon - droplets - new electronic/rock concept album [Pre-order] (Lossless 5ch DVD-Audio)


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Mr. Afternoon

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May 10, 2021
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Is this the new album? YES! Please spread the word!
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After 3 long years I'm finally getting this out. I thought it would never happen! :SB

Droplets is an adventure about a guy just doing his job. In outer space. Or rather, the vast frontiers that reside within it. He's aided by his companion NADIA, an artificial intelligence. This album is rather plot-heavy, and that plot can be inferred from the track titles and acting segments. There are also auditory elements in songs that help guide you. Think of it like a musical but for the hard of sight. This album is intended to be consumed like a single track or a feature film of sorts.

As for technical specs, we've got sweet juicy 24-bit 96 kHz 5ch audio pressed onto a DVD. Why not 5.1? Well, I mix for 5.0, and I find adding an LFE track tends to cause more confusion on correct bass levels on the consumer side. Just enable bass management if you need to and enjoy! Due to the high dynamic range of the album (DR 14), I wasn't really able to compress it all too much without detrimental effect. This means it will be quieter than other discs. Please turn it up like how you would a movie for the best experience!

I hope you guys will find my mixing skills on this record to be much better than the previous one. :)

This thread also serves as the general discussion thread for the album. Feel free to ask any questions and absolutely feel free to speculate. :D

FAQ (updated periodically):
Will a digital download instead of a disc be offered?
A stereo digital download is available for pre-order on Bandcamp. If you order the disc on Bandcamp, you get a stereo download free of charge as well. A surround digital download will be available on Immersive Audio Album on the release date. Please be aware that the downloads do not come with the bonus features on the disc, they only contain the main album.

Will this work in my Sony X800?
Since this is a properly pressed DVD-Audio/DVD-Video Hybrid disc this time, the lossless surround portion on the DVD-Audio side WILL work in your Sony X800.
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You interested in mixing other independent music into 5.0/5.1? I have two albums of alt rock that have enough going on that it would translate well into surround. I think all the songs were exported to stems too before archiving.
What a great start to my Tuesday morning. Ordered!

But let me be the first to bemoan the lack of a sub woof channel. I have four quite large Infinity speakers in each corner I still love the way I can tailor the bass with a point one. And my sub woofs sit just a bit behind my main listening chair which adds quite a bit of visceral impact,

I know I'm prejudging but upon listening the bass might just be perfect. In that case I will be the first to correct myself.

C'mon 9/7!!