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Jun 13, 2013
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Just thought I'd post some screenshots of a new prototype app I'm working on to control music playback on any Kodi media player from various tablet type devices (i.e. iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface etc) and PCs running Windows 10 (and Mac eventually too).

This came about since there are no remote apps that support Music Videos for Kodi - only Audio and Movies & TV Shows. I watch/listen to concerts quite a bit and like to skip around and find specific artists and tracks. When you can search and queue songs to play on a tabletit does not affect the main Kodi screen or AVR audio output). Needless to say Kodi supports multi-channel audio and video!

Anyway after a couple of weeks of a steep 'learning curve' I've got this running on Windows but its being developed in a cross-platform development toolkit so it should be usable on tablet devices above and Win10 PCs and Macs too at some stage in the future.

All the screen shots are what users will see on the remote control device (not in Kodi). Any music video song/concerts or audio song/album can be selected on the remote device to play in Kodi (users will create Playlists which queues the songs for sequential playback - the Playlists can me modified/reordered at anytime).

All these are for Music Video (Concert) related views (I have similar views for Audio-only too). All the graphics comes from Kodi for display on the remote control device (There are other posts in this forum section on Kodi setup).

Music Videos (Concerts):

Music Video (after selecting a Music Video):

Artists View:

Artist View (after selecting an artist):

If you are using Kodi now or thinking of using Kodi in the future keep an eye on this thread (subscribe with a reply) as I'll be looking for beta testers for each platform as/if I get them running.

I'm hoping to get a Win10 version completed first, maybe within a month. Then I'll do something for iPad (since I have one for testing). Mac cannot be completed until after May (when the software toolkit releases Mac support)



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Pity. I'm finding Kodi for Windows almost hilariously user-unfriendly , using a laptop keyboard.