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Jim Petit

New member
Oct 16, 2021
Mittlach, France
Thanks Jan for the promotion and the kind words :)

"Solstices & equinoxes" is featuring myself on field recordings, slide guitars, prepared MiniMoog Voyager, Moog Mother 32 & DFAM sequencers, 22 strings hindustani slide guitars (also known as chaturangui), weissenborn hawaiian acoustic slide guitar (home build back in 2004), 14 strings electric hindustani lapsteel guitar (designed and self built in 2011), Hammond B3, Wurtlizer piano, Fairlight synth, glockenspiel, xylophone and 2 drummers (as Phil Spector did for his Wall of Sound ;)) and Wind Orchestra (flute, clarinet, alto and tenor sax, euphonium, trombone, bugle and trumpets plus timpanis). If you like Mike Oldfield's music, I think you'll appreciate it. Notes, Moogs'preparation, tempi, scores is done thanks to the "dowser pendulum" method I've developped.

"Au son des lacs" is mainly "lakes'waters dowser pendulum" prepared MiniMoog, soundscapes with here and there some prepared Moog Mother 32 and tapes effects. An album of ambiant/serial/experimental music. Terry Riley ?

Here is a French National TV broadcast about "Au son des lacs". Sorry, it's in french and...stereo :ROFLMAO:

I hope you like both of these compositions. Cheers,


PS : Sorry for the mispellings or grammatical mistakes