Quad LP/Tape Poll New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble: Scott Joplin/The Red Back Book [Q8]

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2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Since 2002/2003
Feb 8, 2004
The Top 40 Radio of My Mind
Angel Q8S-36060, from 1973.

Program 1:

The Cascades
Sun Flower Slow Drag
The Chrysanthemum
The Entertainer (Solo Piano)
The Rag Time Dance

Program 2:

Sugar Cane
The Easy Winners
The Entertainer
Sun Flower Slow Drag (Solo Piano)
Maple Leaf Rag

ED :)

Doug G.

1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Jul 8, 2007
Austin, Minnesota
Well, I didn't rate this yet because I bought the regular stereo LP since there is no quad LP version. However, if you like Ragtime (is there anybody who doesn't?) and recognize Joplin as the master, you need to have this. They are all original orchestral arrangements (in addition to the two solo piano versions), from the early 1900's, of Joplin's piano rags.

First-rate production and sound.

It's interesting that one of the reviews on Amazon claims they play "The Entertainer" too fast, not "correctly" Like Marvin Hamlisch for "The Sting". However, I believe it was Hamlisch who slowed it down and it undoubtedly was played faster, originally. Not super fast but faster.

This is on Angel records and I DO have the second album, "More Scott Joplin Rags" on Golden Crest records and it IS quadraphonic- SQ. Equally delightful.

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