New FIM Multichannel SACD "A Time for Us" - Availa

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Mar 2, 2003
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First Impression Music (FIM) has released a new Multichannel SACD on their web site. The details:

>>Product ID: FIMSACD051 Category: SACD Multi-Channel
A Time for Us (SACD Multi-Channel)
Alexander Warenburg & His Orchestra
Price: $30.00

1 A Time With Us (from Romeo and Juliette) 3:15
2 Old Melody (from The Deerhunter) 3:30
3 O mio Bambino Caro (from Room With a View) 3:06
4 Clarinet Concerto (from Out of Africa) 4:44
5 Maria (from The West Side Story) 3:00
6 Angelique (from Angelique) 3:40
7 Once Upon a Time in America (from Once a Upon a Time in America) 4:06
8 Smile (from Modern Times) 3:30
9 Spartacus (from the TV series The Onedin Line) 4:16
10 Schindler 's List (from Schindler' s List) 3:54
11 Adagio (from Platoon) 6:24 <<