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May 30, 2005
Kansas City
No real quadro sources. Using a Pioneer QC-800 pre-amp with in front a Quad 405 power amp and JBL 4311b. In the rear Philips 544 MFB speakers. I would like the same as in front but those JBL speakers are a bit rare and expensive. So pseudo quadro here:). I like the idea of a quadro pre-amp because you can choose your own power amplifiers, you only need 2 of them.
Welcome aboard, QuadforQuad. May I call you Quad?
IIRC that Pioneer pseudo only because it's an earlier unit with that Quadralizer function? I too like the idea of a separate "decoder box" with stand alone power amps. That's my set up. I hate to think how many receivers I would have needed to buy/junk over the years just to upgrade decoders. May I suggest taking a look at the Surround Master by Involve threads if you want a rather huge gain over pseudo-quad. Looking forward to your future posts!