New Stones album announced, coming in September - Hackney Diamonds (CD + Atmos Blu-Ray Box Set)


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I do like the new song betting this will be a very decent late period album

Of course the video shows a young girl dancing to images of the younger stones. Youth sells.
How about an 80 year old woman who grew up with the stones riding in a wheelchair accessible van waving her crutches slowly to the music while we see images of the stones wearing depends?
Oh, man, don't spoil the image.
I take it the Blu Ray will be in 5.1 surround? It doesn't say.
Limited edition boxset includes the standard 12-track album on CD, a Blu-ray disc with hi-res 24/96 audio and Dolby Atmos versions of the album, a 64 page book with exclusive essays and photos of the band, and lenticular cover art.

I understand this to mean, Stereo and ATMOS Blu Ray. For those that do not have a ATMOS rig, playback will fold down to 5.1?
What ever happened to the Stones use of innovative album cover art? Most of their albums are iconic with a few clunkers. Give us something controversial, hire a leading graphic arts team, for this one, what about a photo of a real crystal heart broken on the ground and maybe a nearby knife just for starters, and change that font!
Just remembering Sticky Fingers with that zipper (not the CD)....:ROFLMAO: how cool was that! :cool:

Dang. Nothing like a good interview/promo to make one jump off the fence.

Never ordered from RareWaves before, but the Atmos version was showing as Available (for pre-order) and they had Apple Pay which meant my thumb spared me from typing anything in.

Kind of dangerous how easy it is to order something these days.
Any update on this appearing on Amazon us for the CD plus Blu-ray set? Considering it was available on Amazon UK and potentially others I'm wondering why we're not seeing it on Amazon us. I'm hesitant to get it from the official Stone site with the rather significant cost and not expectation of any lowering to be competitive if it does appear on Amazon us so I'd rather wait for that listing to expected since we see it on other international Amazon websites. Any insight someone has would be appreciative if shared.