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Official SQ Questionnaire (Scans)

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Jan 9, 2013
In the "COMMENT SECTION," I would have quite simply asked: WHY NO QUAD DOLBY B OPEN REELS ..........???????????????


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May 28, 2011
NW Ontario
I've never seen one of those surveys before, seems to ramble on as a lot of surveys seem to do. I'm sure that they were hoping to get a favourable response in favour of SQ records, which is very likely as the respondent would of already shelled out the money for the SQ release and like me would want to see the release of many more such records. I would of given a shiny review but such a survey would have more meaning if it or a similar one was published in say an audio magazine.
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Mar 30, 2009
London, England
there must've been some spoiled papers/negative responses to that questionnaire, as SQ decoding was anecdotally so inferior back in the day.

still, thanks to Audio Fidelity, Brad Miller/DTS and now Dutton Vocalion a large swathe of great stuff trapped on CBS SQ LPs is now pretty much irrelevant in that old SQ format since we can get it on DTS CD and SACD .. hopefully more's to come from the Watford Wiz! its been a corona slog since the last batch in what was it January (?) and the elves are awfully quiet.. the calm before the storm!?🤞


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Jul 5, 2010
Unlike some of you, I prefer matrix over discrete. I also like phonograph records over any other format.

I decided to answer the survey (leaving out ID data) for when I bought my first SQ record in 1972:

SQ Survey

Frequently, we like to ask our customers to help us by giving their opinions about various topics. Would you please rake a few minutes to give us your opinions by filling in this questionnaire. Just fold it so that the address is on the outside and mail it back to us.

1. First, please tell us the name of the artist and title of the SQ record you just bought:
Artist: Sly and the Family Stone
Title: Greatest hits

2. In what type of store did you buy it?
Hi-Fi store
Record store
Discount store
Department store X

3. What were the main reasons you bought this record? Was it because: (check as many as apply ):
I own SQ playback equipment
I plan to buy SQ playback equipment
It was the only four-channel record I could get
I wanted to see how it would sound on my stereo equipment X
I wanted this particular record and it happened to be in SQ X
I was looking for this record but couldn't get the stereo version
I wanted a four-channel record X
Other reasons ( write in ) Find out how it sounds on Dynaco diamond

4. How did you first learn about this particular SQ record? Found it in the store

5. Did this SQ record meet your expectations?

6. There are now several different types of 4-channel records available.
Would you please check in the boxes below those that you have heard of,
the ones you have actually listened to and the number of each type of 4-channel records you personally own, if any.

SQ Own
EV Own
QS Own
RCA CD4 no

7. Of those that you listened to and checked above, which do you think sounds best?

Why do you say that? Better hall ambience

8. We'd like your opinions of the SQ system compared to other four-channel systems on the market.
For each of the characteristics listed below, please tell us whether the SQ system has a great advantage over the other systems, a slight advantage or none at all.

Equipment cost: none
Equipment availability: none
Equipment quality: equal
Equipment compatibility with stereo equipment you own: none
Equipment compatibility with four-channel equipment you own: slight
Records cost: More expensive
Records availability: none
Records quality: Same

Compared to other four-channel systems, SQ has a:
None Advantage

9. Do you think four-channel sound represents an improvement over two-channel (stereo) sound?

10. Do you have any 4-channel records that are the same as stereo records you own, that is, the same album title by the same attist?

11. If yes: How would you say the four-channel version compares to the stereo in terms of:
Overall sound
Channel separation
Instrument identification
Sound clarity/no distortion
Bass response
Sound level

Much Better
Somewhat Better
About the Same
Somewhat Worse
Much Worse

12. Would you prefer 4-channel recordings which feature: ( check one )
Separate sound from each of the speakers
Ambient sound, primary sound from front, with 4 speakers
concert hall echo from rear speakers X

13. Do you own any four-channel playback equipment?

If yes: Please enter below the four-channel equipment you own. Please list the brand, model number and approximate date purchased.
Approximate Brand: Homemade
Model #
Date Purchased

4-channel receiver
Stereo receiver
4-channel amplifier
Stereo amplifier ( for front channels )
Stereo amplifier ( for rear channels)
4-channel compact system
Front speakers
Rear speakers

14. Do you plan or expect to buy any four-channel equipment:
In the next 3 months
Over a year from now
In the next 6 months
Don't know when I'll buy
In the next year
Do not plan to buy

What type of equipment do you plan to buy? ( Receiver, amplifier, etc.)

22. How would you say your record collection breaks down, that is, about what percentage is:
(please try to make it add to 100%)
Classical 10
Popular 20
Rock 49
Folk 0
Show 0
Country 1
Jazz 20
Other Types