OFFICIAL Vehicles with Factory Surround Systems


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Have you determined whether it's just reading the FL/FR from the 5.1 FLAC or can you create a 5.1 FLAC with 10 seconds material in each channel one at a time and hear it circle around the car properly?
It's interesting, Charlie at DM Motors/Sound tested the B&O in two different Audi's using 5.1 FLAC files. They both passed the 5-channel test but had a weird problem with the LFE subwoofer channel. You can see the review here.
Well, I tested the B&O in an Acura ZDX today. It sounds really good, on par with the ELS. However, I could not get it to play discrete 5.1, no matter how I changed the settings. The rear channels would keep playing through the back and front speakers. An MDX with the ELS played it perfectly btw. Unless I was doing something wrong, it looks like we're losing that feature. I look forward to seeing more test of the B&O system in Acuras.