Olfield "Incantations" was originally recorded with a quadrophonic mix in mind

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Jan 19, 2005
Also in the rare tracks section they state:
Incantations (quadrophonic mix)
The album was originally conceived and recorded in Quadrophonic sound, and a mix of the album in this format was prepared. As the quadrophonic format had gone out of fashion by 1978, a stereo mix was made by Philip Newell. The original quadrophonic mix still exists, however.
I have no idea if this was a finished product or if it really (still) exists but multi channel is much more fashionable now (hint).


Oct 11, 2003
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kvadro said:
Read more on this link :
Personally I did not know about this !!!!

Neither did I! & I also didn't know Phil Newell mixed the album!

I met Phil once in around 1988 when I was working for a studio in Liverpool UK

The studio had recently been built & I was refurbishing some used equipment, actually a massive ex EMI Custom Built 1970's vintage Neve Console & an early model MCI JH16-24 2" multitrack. This was just prior to a spate of heavy sessions over the next few months, one of which was the track laying sessions for the OMD Sugar Tax album & in fact Andy McLusky ex OMD now owns the studio where he's produced the recent Atomic Kitten! hit's.

Phil came over to check out the (unfortunately only stereo)monitoring system his company Reflection Arts had supplied.

To be honest I had not realised who Phil was, then I thought I remembered he had mixed the original TB QUAD QV2001.

As we spent most of an afternoon sitting at the console listening to cd's through the monitoring I took the opportunity and asked him about this, but I think he said although he had some involvement he didn't mix the quad version, but he had remixed the boxed set for quad.

In those days I was not as big into quad as I am of now, which is a shame as if I'd thought on I could of asked Phil all sorts of things about Quad and how he mixed for quad.

I think Phil, being an original director of Virgin, built the Manor Studios & probably speccd it as a quad monitoring / mix studio, which most where in those days.

So without Phil maybe Mike Oldfield may not have been so fascinated with Quad as he seems to be!!