On ceiling speaker placement help please


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May 6, 2020
I feel like a pinball here changing my mind constantly how i will set stuff up,when it all gets here.End of June,early July at best.

The goal is Atmos

NAD T778,Monitor Bronze 1,Monitor AMS(.Dynaudio Emit 15(It is Obv where that goes. ) I already have front Dynaudio focus 340 and tannoy NFM 8 rears

i was once set on Atmos up firing,because no hope i am allowed to cut holes in my ceiling.i have read good and bad about up firing,and since i thought i had no choice i decided on that route

But my sloping ceiling on my right side gave me concerns,as it would put them at a different reflective height than the speaker on my right side,but was assured Dirac would correct for that.

So i was just going to hope for the best since i THOUGHT i had no other choice.Until recently chatting with Monitor(Also a few others before that,but monitor really gave me new hope).

They tell me i can just put one set as sides(Heights?) on my left and right,and the Bronze 1 ON the ceiling(Shooting straight down i think?i forget how they said to position them now.).

So finally here is my question.WHERE on the ceiling?

i thought maybe 5-6 ft apart right over my knees? Or more over my head?

Or 5 to 6ft out front on ceiling shooting straight down?

Or 5 to 6 ft straight out and angled down at me at about a 45 degree angle?

i have even seen one guy with one on ceiling in front,other on ceiling in back,angled down on his seating spot(That seems odd tho)

i don`t have a lot of good real estate here to deal with,the damn sloping ceilings

Would any my ON ceiling scenarios be atmos appropriate?