Oppo 95 and Dutton Vocalion dual layer Sacd

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Feb 17, 2021
Queensland Australia
Hi there.....I just recently got an Oppo 95 and previously had a Denon 3910 which died ( discussion further down)
When I had the Denon, it played the Deodato tracks in quad no problems, but with the Oppo 95, it seems to ONLY play 5.1 or SACD 5.1... so when it sees the dual layer Vocalion SACD, because it's not 5.1, it will only play the cd layer instead of the quad SACD mix.
Anyone else with a 95 have this problem or know of a fix ?

How did the Denon die ?
It was going fine since I bought it, until I put a certain DVD in it. It was Emerson Lake and Palmer
"Beyond the Beginning". As soon as I put it on the analog multi output didn't work anymore.
As I was futzing around trying to get it going, from the recesses of my wrecked memory, I remembered that the same thing happened to another DVD player I had maybe 13 years ago or so.
I put Beyond the Beginning in that DVD (yeah...played once in 13 years) and the audio had died in that too so I threw the DVD player away ( and kept the DVD)
After I'd remembered this, I went through all the settings manually...no change.
Re-initialised the Denon and rebooted...no change. Rebooted again ...said it was inialising but the analog audio out had died ( although I think that a certain flag has been output from the ELP DVD to mute the analog outputs?).....hence the purchase of the Oppo 95 which I have NOT tried with ELP DVD and don't really want to !
If anyone can shine a light on those problems I'd be very grateful, because I know the Deodato plays on the Denon but not the Oppo .


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Aug 12, 2010
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I cant speak as to the cause of the Denon malfunction, but it would be my first time ever to hear of the playback of a certain disk causing a breakdown.

With the Oppo, there is a menu selection where you choose playback priority for either the MCH or the stereo SACD tracks. If what you choose is available on the disk, that is what gets played. If not it defaults to what is available.

For a mixed disk like some of the DVs that have MCH but also others that are stereo only, you will need to choose the non priority tracks manually. Try the colored buttons on the remote to change formats.