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Rate the Blu-Ray of Orbital - OPTICAL DELUSION

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Jan 1, 2010
Washington, D.C.
Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2023 release from Orbital entitled "Optical Delusion".
The High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-Ray contains 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos mixes from Mark Ayres, and was available exclusively from the Superdeluxeedition.com webstore.
The Dolby Atmos mix is also available to stream on all Dolby Atmos streaming providers:

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Just received my copy this afternoon and although I can’t do ATMOS, this mix is stupendous on my 5.1 using either Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD MA. Oddly, I have to crank the latter much more to achieve equal playback volume.

All speakers are discretely engaged on every song and the fidelity is superlative throughout. Not hearing some of the subterranean LFE featured on Yello’s Point, but the bottom is still nicely present.

I’m no expert on electronic music but I already like a lot of the songs after just one play. I’m really digging this and am going with a strong 9.
I voted 10. # 6 in SDE Series.
The best Electronica album I have ever heard, better than Point Yello.
My vote is based on the Blu Ray hard disc played via a Panasonic DP-UB9000.
My selection for listen was Dolby Atmos. My system 5.2.4 (3 subs, 2 LFE and 1 connected center channel)
Onscreen menu very easy to navigate. Onscreen graphics, same each track, no need to watch screen monitor.
The best of the SDE series so far, yes, better than Tears For Fears.
Music is very uplifting allowing me to feel happy, while foot moving all the time.
Surround mix was stellar, full on envelope of sound, brain and ears catching all the different waves.
Vocals when used, beautiful. Too bad no lyrics.
Liner notes by Mark Ayers, absolutely perfect on definition and intent. I do find I am reading more liner notes from different mixers, it really helps the common person such as myself to better understand there choice of mix, what they had to use, etc. Highly enjoyable reading and listening.
This will get ripped using MKV and MMH and will listen again, love it.

Please keep polls limited to your listening experience only.
Another win for SDE. Listened through a few times, starting to get a good feel for the album. I would rate it higher than Orbital's previous two albums.
The mix is excellent, fully embracing Atmos and not shying away from any speakers, as seems to be typical from electronic albums. The blu ray includes three bonus tracks (also in Atmos) that don't seem to be streaming currently as well as an instrumental only mix if you don't care for the vocals. Good value, fidelity and mix. 10 for sure.
Are the instrumental tracks also available in Atmos?
I'm voting a solid 9 for this release. It has great sound quality and a wealth of different mixes to listen to. Although skeptical at first, I found that I enjoyed the instrumental versions of these tracks as much if not more than the full versions. In terms of the Atmos mixes, they are superb, putting you in the center of a fully immersive sound bubble that makes for a great demo disc. Deducting one point for the musical style. I find the fast paced drum machine driven beat gets a bit samey sounding after awhile and is not my favorite type of electronic music - but the positives make it a great listen.
Don't get me wrong; Yello is great, but only song I truly enjoyed is the first one - waba duba. All the others are just OK. I liked ALL the songs on Optical Delusion.
Listened to this one again last night (5.1); I wasn't really liking the first couple of songs, but thought it got better after that. Very aggressive mixing, but I do like the the vocal tunes better. I've also been listening to Madonna's Ray Of Light album a lot recently and really enjoy Orbital's contribution on that one; guess :confused: I need to dig more into his contributing music, probably some real hidden treasures in there!

I generally love most surround Electronic/Synth. type music, but for this one though, the song compositions just weren't thrilling me, so I'm going with an 8 vote.
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