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Nov 11, 2013
I've had these DTS Surround disks a long time and hadn't listened to them in years. This thread just got me to dig them out and have another listen. I wasn't aware that they were actually 2 channel CD's magically expanded to discrete multichannel. But now it's easy to hear the 44.1 / 16 bit effect. AP's mixes twirl them in a nice fashion and I was impressed in the beginning but now I think I'll be fine just going on without them :cool: I used to like playing the DTS of Sting's Fields of Gold too. I'd like to get my hands on a DSD version of that.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Plenty of good sounding DTS CDs with amazing mixes that can't be found in any other format but I do agree that even compared to DTS DVDs at a maximum bitrate, they are lesser sound quality. Sting solo stuff does nothing for me in any format.

kap'n krunch

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Nov 25, 2008
estados hundidos
SQ10 hated it, but you seemed to like it. Check out the thread link below

ahhh but that is Ten Summoner´s tales...which I sorta agree with that guy but I think it´s a bit better...not much!!!

SQ10 was not that bad of a guy..he just had not had his meds...at least that´s what I heard....(whoever thinks he´s free of sin shall cast the first stone...."---MOOOOM!!!!!".. I never get tired of that joke!!!)

PEACE!!!! (and meds)


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Apr 21, 2002
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I need to revisit this one, but I remember liking it a lot - and a lot more than A Valid Path, which had a really strong (and for me, distasteful) flavour of "old people trying to make young people's music" to it.


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Nov 23, 2008
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This is the only DTS CD I have and one of my earliest surround purchases. I didn't realize it might be a CD until I watched the Life in Surround episode about AP. I recently bought the the SONY X800-M2 which confirmed it. I have always enjoyed this album, In fiat I think I like AP post project work more than his work with Wolfson. Listening to it today I still found the surround mix to be very good and was stunned that it was only a s CD. I like the song a lot, It's in my bailiwick as an aerospace enthusiast. My only complaint would be that the 44.1/16 Audi sounds a bit clipped and shrill at times and that it came a ginormous jewel box that slipped out of my hands one day and bounced down the stairs ahead of me. I give it an 8.