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Paul McCartney - Flaming Pie Super Deluxe Edition

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1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Jan 8, 2010
Where Snood's Back To The Egg Dammit!!! :rolleyes:
I'd love to hear even a good stereo mix of this! Love the psychedelic tracks on this one a LOT! Being able to hear the "rockestra" tracks with more than just a single drum set, single bass, single guitar, etc audible in the mix would be most welcome! (And that's unfortunately really not much hyperbole.)


2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Feb 15, 2015
wpg, mb
I highly doubt this will contain any surround sound at all.

The only Beatles-related product I can see in surround sound this year (besides anything revolving around "Let It Be") would be potentially a 50th anniversary reissue of "All Things Must Pass" from George Harrison (I can imagine that album being remixed in surround sound by Giles Martin & Sam Okell)


I agree Ryan.

Macca has had a few dvds with cd reissues, none in surround I believe.

But I'd love it , if that would suddenly change.