Paul McCartney & Wings “One Hand Clapping” to be released in June 2024 - Dolby Atmos streaming


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May 31, 2005
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Paul McCartney & Wings One Hand Clapping Live Studio Sessions from 1974 Newly Mixed​

Now available for the first time​

Official album from seldom-seen documentary film – featuring several previously unreleased tracks​

One Hand Clapping will also be available to stream in Dolby Atmos
Atmos mix by Giles Martin and Steve Orchard
Yes released on CD and vinyl today if I'm not wrong. How I wish a multichannel physical release of RAM instead. I just streamed this single-handed-applause album and yes, interesting material for the collector (but from the second track onwards I got bored immediately). Of course the Atmos version keeps our interest high (a bit higher)
Just finished the Apple Atmos of One Hand Clapping, uneventful (Band On The Run was OK) in Atmos, however I do like the music and glad I ordered the 2 X CD.
AMAZON US $24.98
Played the stereo rlease today. Might fine and some great early renditions of some songs. As a non-streamer I bemoan the lack of a physical release in Atmos.
This was just delivered about an hour ago. I didn't realize it when I read the track listing when I place the order but when I got it in my hand it hit me like bullet,,,,,

How did he totally ignore the Ram album on this tour? Not one song.