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Apr 4, 2006
Is there anyone who can convert the sound from a DVD to a SQ encoded sound file?
I've got the Pink Floyd-Dark side of the moon on DVD-A, but i want to play it on my old 70s quadro stuff.... while keeping the surround effecs using the SQ decoder.
I haven't got a 4/5 channel sound card, only stereo...
anyone who knows programs/can write programs/ can convert DVD's?
I don't know anything about computers, but i can construct my own (non logic) SQ DEcoders using some electronics...
is there a electronic way to encode SQ?
best regards, Laurens Visser (tube audio freak)


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May 16, 2006
Here is a diagram for sq

I think you could do it digitally with a plugin like ultrafunk fx:phase
I see there are two presets that say CS and SC encode.

both of those presets just make the individual channel it's used on +90degrees. But doesn't that chart say -90degrees to encode SQ?

So ok I'm working on an album myself and am really curious about this. Someone tell me if I'm reading this chart right. If I use this plugin and take an instrument or part and set this plugin to -90, when decoded that instrument will be sent to the back channel. Because something like this is signifigant to mixing. I mean it isn't all that noticable to do some tricks with this in the stereo realm with little to no noticable/adverse effect on the final stereo product, while adding little treats for people with decoders. Or am I over simplifying it?
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