Personalized Spatial Audio in iOS 16 (adding HRTF to Airpods?)


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May 17, 2021
I believe this is what replaced the mono to stereo, stereo to Atmos Demo that used Marvin Gaye's What's Goin On, I remember listening to it before. For fun I tried it with the new personalized feature. I always found Zane Lowe's voice intro weirdly echo-y pre "personalization" and now it sounds like he's coming from inside my head which is neat, and the "turn your head and it's like I'm next to you" works a bit better.

As with my earlier experiences, posted in this thread, the song feels much "closer" to me in space. The backing vocals are practically hovering above my shoulders, other than that, it's the same experience as listening to the Atmos mix for "good 4 u" by Oliva Rodrigo with the headtracking stuff, but Zane Lowe talks about the headtracking before and during the song.


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Aug 27, 2019
Can anybody give a firsthand report about this?
I have AirPods Pro 1 and iOS16 and the spatialization is good. I would say they tend to trick your brain by telling you too quickly where the sound comes from. We tend to use our eyes to locate sound.

I have argued that the Apple Renderer is superior to the Atmos Renderer for binaural because Apple has dynamic head tracking, which Atmos does not seem to yet have.

Also the custom HRTF in iOS16 was a big improvement for me but they still have some work to do.