Pink Floyd "Animals (2022 Atmos mix)" Blu-ray Audio incl. hi-res Dolby Atmos; 5.1 and stereo mixes (2018 remix)


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All these Floyd reissues coming out and Jackson's OBC 5.1 mix & Meddle 5.1 mix sits on a shelf. Dang
I agree, I wish they’d give some love to the other records instead of just the big ones. How about an Atmos of Atom Heart Mother? Although David doesn’t particularly like that record…

Again, highly unlikely considering the 4-track(?) source but a 5.1 of Piper would be interesting to hear, even though I’m not a fan of the Barrett era.

I’m surprised Andy Jackson even remixed those two early Floyd albums as I thought it was James who was the go to guy for the Waters era albums.
Where have you seen the official announcement? I can't seem to find it online. Cheers
I received an email from Pink Floyd shop site this morning.

I actually only had AHM and Dark Side so these are all “new” to me. I don’t have to compare them to other releases. I can enjoy them for what they are. Have always appreciated the efforts made by all involved; musicians, engineers, producers etc. whether I liked what I was hearing or not.
Out of interest...

How much did the 2022 version cost at Amazon US upon release? I paid £18.99 for it at Amazon UK but it's now listed as being £24.42....
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Especially since that standalone Blu-ray didn't even include the original stereo mix!

Music box?
i have the bluray version and it does have the original stereo mix included on it.


  • Special Blu-Ray gatefold card sleeve
  • 16-page booklet
  • Audio Mixes:
  • 2018 Remix - Stereo: 24-bit/192kHz Uncompressed, dts-HD MA
  • 2018 Remix - 5.1 Surround: 24-bit/96kHz Uncompressed, dts-HD MA
  • 1977 Original Stereo: 24-bit/192kHz Uncompressed, dts-HD MA
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While it might obsolete the version from a short time ago, they are not selling it for huge bucks, so it's well worth it if you have Atmos, and even if you don't! Future proof yourself. This one is a no brainer
I’m surprised Andy Jackson even remixed those two early Floyd albums as I thought it was James who was the go to guy for the Waters era albums.
Jackson spoke a bit about this in a new interview:
In The Early Years box, there is a hidden version of Meddle in 5.1. Was it your idea?

AJ –

Good to be able to clear this one up.

Any PF project that is based on the material from the period that Roger was in the band is obviously subject to his approval, and that of the other three (Rick’s children look after his interests). Each of the four have a different manager, so this can all get a bit tortuous.

Paul, who manages David, tends to be the driving force in most projects, as was the case with ’The Early Years’. It was he who asked me to do the surround mix of ‘Meddle’, with David’s approval.

When finished, a copy of it was sent to Mark Fenwick, Roger’s manager, to forward to Roger for approval. And there it remained. From what I understand, Mark never even mentioned it to Roger.

It was late in the day when Roger heard about the existence of the surround mix, and he chose simply to veto its inclusion. As far as I know he’s never heard it. C’est la vie.

I don’t know enough about BluRay authoring to understand what happened next. It’s something like – all the data was on the masters, and in the hurry to delete ‘Meddle’ only the menu link got removed, but it was still there as a ‘ghost’ image. It was a mistake.

Many believe it was somehow deliberate, and maybe was some sort of power play between the members of the band or something like that. The truth is much more mundane, human error.
I agree with the comment above that Pink Floyd know how to fleece their fans. It seems like I just got the bluray and now this. But as Jon says its a reasonable price etc. I dont have atmos not sure if I ever will. If the atmos downmixes to a better version than the current 5.1 I guess I will be in....