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Pink Floyd Immersion boxes around $75

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Tim Casey

Apr 26, 2019
I'm not sure where to post this, but I ran across this last night. Walmart has the sets for around $75, which I'm pretty sure is a decent deal. I wanted them for the old Quad mixes of "Wish You Were Here" and "Dark Side of The Moon", and $75 almost sounds reasonable to me, so I bought them.

I forgot to grab the link, but if you go to walmart.com and type the titles in, you'll easily find them.

Of course, if I'm late to the party and everyone else knows where to get them for $50....... :confused:


600 Club - QQ All-Star
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Jun 7, 2016
Lincoln, NE USA
Yikes! I was planning on ripping the blu rays immediately, so hopefully it won't matter. Fingers crossed!
I took the plunge on DSOTM as it was not in my collection and apparently the promised Acoustic Sounds SACD in on indefinite hold.
A fair price for a sealed box, with two-day free shipping.

When I saw it was European manufacture, I held my breath, but it's played flawlessly through several sessions.
I imagine "rot" would be evident after eight years on the shelf, so I'm not worried.
I'll keep spinning the blu ray regularly until the return window closes.
Past then it will likely last until biological rot ends my listening days. :whistle:

Basking in the hi-res Alan Parsons quad mix, I get why it's rated so highly.
The concert screen films with 5.1 are a significant bonus for me.

Sláinte to Tim Casey for the heads up! 🍻 🍻:51QQ 🍻 🍻