Pink Floyd PULSE Blu-Ray out in February


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Sep 26, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Great set! Watched a few weeks ago and Blu-ray has improved it!
[watching now] Sound quality is top notch (for a live show). Video transfer done well, vibrant and dynamic. I have a large screen and it's enjoyable to watch despite it being a legacy format. I never had the DVD and may have never seen the video for it before. Had the CDs, which I think most did. The Momentary Lapse/Division Bell era stuff sounds all too same-y for me. Everything through The Wall on here are good performances. Boxed set quality good. This is a good value at $30-ish, probably would have been fine paying full price to be honest but don't tell PF/Amazon that. lol

Only nit (and I read this in reviews) is that occasionally I notice the out of sync video/audio, as a musician that's like fingernails across a chalkboard. It would seem like something obvious that could have been avoided, or corrected if that was the case.

I like that Gilmour is heavily involved, as front man and plays a lot of the leads. He carries the show. I feel that's missing with Waters stuff post Floyd, and I much prefer Waters over Gilmour (as solo artists and vocalists).

It's nice having classic concerts by this band getting re-released in better formats. I missed out on much of this at the time as I wasn't as interested as I am now.

I do have to ask -- what's up with the coked up 80s reject second percussionist? His 'performance' seems a bit tone deaf, he knows he's playing with Pink Floyd right? Not Miami Sound Machine!? [nevermind, wikipedia answered this for me. tl;dr he was a bad idea to inject energy into the show, but instead IMHO sticks out like a sore thumb]
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