Porcupine Tree "In Absentia" & "Deadwing" Blu-rays: New Poll Threads Needed?


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Do the "In Absentia" and "Deadwing" Blu-rays need new poll threads?

  • Yes! The content and packaging are different enough to warrant distinct votes.

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • No! The "Deadwing" DVD-A poll thread title should be edited to welcome votes for the Blu-ray, too.

    Votes: 14 93.3%

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Jul 13, 2015
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The credits for the recently released Deadwing Blu-Ray indicate that everything is exactly the same for the 5.1 mix: mixed by Elliot Scheiner and Steven Wilson, mastered by Darcy Proper. The In Absentia poll combines both DVD-A and Blu-ray, which is specified in the (edited) thread title, despite the additional content on that package (and higher price) versus the original DVD-A release. Plus, the (corrected) Blu-ray fixed the inverted polarity of the center channel. Given all those differences and the guidelines for rating including consideration of content and packaging, I'm not sure that makes sense. The same logic should apply here.

Therefore, the question is: Should the Deadwing poll thread title be edited, welcoming votes for the Blu-ray as well, or should new threads be created for both the Deadwing and In Absentia Blu-rays?

I'm in favor of new threads.


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Oct 31, 2008
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I'll gladly edit the DVD-A poll thread to include the Blu-Ray (as was always my intention to do so) but I'm definitely not going to create a new poll thread for the "Deadwing" Blu-Ray seeing as how the 5.1 audio content is exactly the same.
Most people don't even consider the additional content when voting.
Most people just care about the mix and sound quality and (sometimes to a lesser extent) the musical content of the release.
I've tried my best to continue things with the polls as @JonUrban did when he was the main person running and creating them, which is that if the mix is the same (regardless of the format or additional content) the poll thread is updated to include the additional format(s)
If the mix is completely different, then a new poll thread is created.
That's the way it's basically always been, and I'm not about to change that precedent now.


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Jul 19, 2017
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The thread should be updated if we are mainly voting on the surround mix. However, if are also considering stereo remaster, packaging, etc., a new thread should be created. I think we can keep one thread and specify which version we are referring to (in the case our comments go beyond the surround remix).


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Aug 10, 2021
That means most people aren't voting according to the guidelines, which is definitely a problem—but probably deserves its own discussion thread.
Guilty as charged, but I usually emphasize that in my write-ups. It's only if the additional content is really pretty bad given the price point that I may dock my rating a point or two. But given that most of my ratings are 9s and 10s, that's probably not very often. I rate almost exclusively on the surround mix, and I can't think of many that have annoyed or underwhelmed me.