Producer Niko Bolas (Melissa Etheridge, The Mavericks, Neil Young, Warren Zevon)

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Jun 10, 2016
I already posted this in the Atmos forums, but I'm cross-posting here. (Mods: feel free to combine or delete if you think this more properly belongs in one place or the other.) Even though Bolas doesn't seem to have any surround credits yet, it appears he will soon. And the people he runs with are all in the surround pantheon. (See below.)

Anyway, he recently penned a piece on mixing for Atmos. I'm not sure what the overall takeaway is: on the one hand, he seems to be all about respecting the feel of the original mix that fans (and bands) are familiar with, not going nuts just because you can go nuts, yadda yadda. On the other hand, he seems genuinely excited about the possibilities that Atmos offers if it's done with care and integrity. But given the tenor of our own "Atmos on Tidal" threads, it's also interesting to hear him express misgivings about the rush to market, the satisfaction with half-assed mixes and "$200 coffee can smart speakers," and the lack of attention to proper crediting.

By the way: who knew about this METAlliance Dream Team (SuperFriends? Avengers? Justice League?) of Ainlay, Filippetti, Massenburg, Scheiner, and Schmitt to which Boas has just been admitted? That's a mixing Murderers' Row right there.
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