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QQ Door Prize #34: MOZART: Piano Concerto No. 25 [Blu-Ray] CLOSED

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Mar 2, 2002
Once again, Alexander J has come up with a Blu-Ray Surround Disc for a QQ Door Prize. Don't you have a Blu-Ray player yet??? (PS - You don't have to buy a Sony! )

To get in on the drawing, reply to this thread ONCE and you're in. Winner will be drawn on Sunday Night, November 23rd.

Here's the description from Alexander:


Alfred Brendel, accompanied by Sir Charles Mackerras and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra presenting the grandest of Mozart s C major concerto.

It has the following three movements:
1. Allegro maestoso
2. Andante in F major
3. Allegretto

The expansive first movement is one of Mozart's most symphonic concerto movements. This movement subtly slips in and out of the minor several times. The secondary theme of the concerto's first movement is a march that often reminds people of the then unwritten Marseillaise.[2] Beethoven references this concerto in his own Fourth Piano Concerto. In addition, the famous motif in the first movement of Beethoven s Fifth Symphony resembles one found in this concerto. The tranquil second movement is in sonata form, but lacks a development. It extensively uses the winds. The third movement is a sonata-rondo that opens with a gavotte theme from Mozart's opera Idomeneo. Girdlestone considers this movement to be very serious-minded. Like the first movement, it touches upon the minor; however, it ends confidently and triumphantly.

Mozart Sonata in E flat major K282
4 I. Adagio
5 II. Menuetto I- Menuetto II Menuetto I
6 III. Allegro

The early sonata K.282 written when Mozart was nineteen, are full of youthful brilliance and warmth and were favourite performance pieces as he travelled around the courts of Europe.

Mozart Sonata in D major K 576
7 I. Allegro
8 II. Adagio
9 III. Allegretto
9 III. Allegretto

In contrast K.576 is Mozart s last sonata and, from a technical point of view, possibly his most challenging. It is fitting that it ends in a simple, understated style ; this most dazzling of all Mozart s sonata finales fades gently away into the distance.

Mozart Fantasia in C minor K.396

The disc ends with something of a rarity the imposing C minor Fantasia which remained unfinished at the time of Mozart s tragically early death. This intriguing fragment, which includes a brief accompaniment for violin, was completed after Mozart s death by Maximilliam Stadler. For this recording, however, Alfred Brendel has allowed himself to modify Stadler s rather static and bass-heavy realisation of the violin part.

Audio Presentation: 24bit / 96k 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

This Disc is Audio Only.


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Mar 24, 2007
Wasaga Beach, ON
I'm still loving the Mussorgsky I won a few rounds ago, but please count me in.

What an ideal format for such beautiful music and Surround Records excellent production !

I tip my hat to Alexander for his insight and generousity. Cheers.