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QQ Door Prize #70: Ian Cooke - The Flight I Flew CD/DVD (5.1) [CLOSED]

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Mar 2, 2002
SUNDAY: October 15, 2017

QQ Member 'popshop', Ian Dougherty, has graciously offered a copy of the new Ian Cooke release - The Flight I Flew - on CD/DVD as a QQ Door Prize

Ian Cooke Flight I Flew.jpg

Respond once to this thread (all subsequent posts will be deleted, so no commenting please), and we will use the magic QQ Excel Random Number Generator to pick the winner by post number sometime Sunday Evening, October 22, 2017. Ian will ship the discs directly to the winner. Drawing is open to all members and mods.

Ian said that he did the surround and instrumental mixes. Album and Instrumental Mixes are both in 5.1 DTS 48/24 and stereo 48/24. It was recorded at 48/24.

For more info on this release, check out https://iancooke.bandcamp.com/
For the lyric video here's a YouTube link: https://youtu.be/wF1bKATxo2I

Here's a blurb about the album, and credits:

Ian Cooke's fourth release, The Flight I Flew, is a full-circle album that began with The Fall I Fell, his premiere work from 10 years earlier. These new cosmos-inspired songs transcend from the unrequited love songs of his debut album to the personal struggle with love lost and then refound. Showcasing Cooke's signature cello, piano, and voice, this progressive folk pop album illustrates a battle with inner demons which led to an awakening of self and a realization of love.

Songwriting, cello, piano, and vocals by Ian Cooke.
Produced by Ian O'Dougherty.
Recorded & mixed by Ian O'Dougherty at Popshop.
Beam of Light mixed by Tom Payetta at Macy Sound Studios.
Fourth Eye and Sirens mixed by Jamie White.
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow.
Photography by Amanda Tipton.
Art concept by Ian Cooke.
Layout and graphic design by Kevin Johnston.
Chris Jusell - violin, viola
Jamie White - percussion, ebow, banjo, melodica, vocals
Ian O'Dougherty - contrabass, ebow, percussion, editing
Whit Sibley - percussion
Tom Hagerman - violin, viola, arrangement on Feel Every Move
Sean Merrell - drums on Nine Moons


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Aug 27, 2003
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Thanks Ian for sharing this and your efforts in sharing your musical gift over the years with all of us :)
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