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Mar 2, 2002
WINNER #66: Werno (Doors AF SACD)
WINNER #65: mixamatt (Jeff Beck Group SACD)
WINNER #64: Phillip Spinner ([Signed] Janet Feder This Close SACD)
WINNER #63: boxhead ([Signed] Antiquassuria CD/DVD-A)
WINNER #62: watsontr (Antiquassuria CD/DVD-A)
WINNER #61: Steve Schloultz (Antiquassuria LP/DVD-A)
WINNER #60: rusinurbe (Blood Sweat & Tears [2nd album] SACD)
WINNER #59: wavelength (Ogre - Plague of the Planet DVD-A)
WINNER #58: TimK (Kickhunter - Quadraphonic Game DVD-A)
WINNER #57: Snood (YES album DVD-A)
WINNER #56: Fourplay (Color of Sound SACD)
WINNER #55: timw (Thick as a Brick Corrected DVD Disc)
WINNER #54: elmer (Uphollow - Jackets for the trip DTS DVD)
WINNER #53: dr8track (DTS Entertainment DVD-A Sampler V2)
WINNER #52: César (Acura DVD-A)
WINNER #51: hwkn (Magenta - The 27 Club DVD)
WINNER #50: piotrus (The Vicar DVD-A)
WINNER #49: dr8track (DVD-A Sampler from DVD Entrtainment)
WINNER #48: mwk-empire; haikubass (Lynyard Skynyrd DVD-A)
WINNER #47: MyCuff (Eagle Vision DVD Sampler)
WINNER #46: oxforddickie (Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Extraordinaire DVD-A)
WINNER #45: kvsawilson (Dorothee Munyaneza DVD-A)
WINNER #44: triggers (Porcupine Tree - The Incident DVD-A)
WINNER 44a: Ed Bishop (King Crimson Box Set DVD-A)
WINNER #43: Robkyle
WINNER #42: Guy Robinson (Vivaldi Four Seasons BluRay Audio)
WINNER #41: tomwrock (Rhapsody in Blue BluRay Audio)
WINNER #40: OldAsMono Mahler: Symphonie No 2 BluRay Audio)
WINNER #39: <mulitple winners> (Coca-Cola Training Q8's)
WINNER #38: bsquiresjr
WINNER #37: dwight (Wagner: Best of, BluRay Audio)
WINNER #36: mtgc
WINNER #35: DennisMabry (Shostakovich Symphonies No 5 and 9, BluRay Audio)
WINNER #34: El Guapo (Mozart Piano Concerto 25, BluRay Audio)
WINNER #33: Odys
WINNER #32: quadgdiaz
WINNER #31: elroy
WINNER #30: jefe1 (Rachmaninov Piano Concertos No 2 and 3, BluRay Audio)
WINNER #29: bonzodog (Uncommon Bach, BluRay Audio)
WINNER #28: filper
WINNER #27: Chris Gerhard (Tchaikovsky Piano Concertos No 1 and 3, BluRay Audio)
WINNER #26: PossumPete (Dr. Chesky's Sound Show DVD-A)
WINNER #25: BananaSlug (10 Years Gold, DTS CD)
WINNER #24: Old Quad Guy
WINNER #23: Quadzilla
WINNER #22: zabble (The Glory that was Gerswin, Q4)
WINNER #21: QuadraTOMic
WINNER #20: bugdaddy
WINNER #19: jdmack (Pitty - Amacronico DualDisc)
WINNER #17: dr. simple
WINNER #16: Quadtrade (AIX High Resolution Experience DVD-A)
WINNER #15: Robkyle (Richard Strauss - Odense Symphony DVD-A)
WINNER #14: Robkyle (4 Discs You would never Buy)
WINNER #13: oxenholme
WINNER #12: zabble (N.E.R.D. In Search Of, DVD-A)
WINNER #11: bugdaddy (Dr. Chesky's Demo Disc SACD)
WINNER #10: spenceo (3 Doors Down, Away from the Sun, Live, Monster Video Disc)
WINNER #9: BoBou2
WINNER #8: BananaSlug (Surround.9 Demo Disc, DTS)
WINNER #7: Aquadad
WINNER #5: bear
WINNER #4: GaryW (2 Surround Music Video Discs)
WINNER #3: jrahrah (2 Surround Jazz Discs)
WINNER #2: bizmopeen
WINNER #1: DauQula (Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Blvd, DTS-CD)
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