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QRX 7001 Mystery Help

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Feb 5, 2015
I have had a QRX7001 for a few years that I found for sale close to me and bought to be used as the receiver in my main quad set up.
At the time I had 2 set ups going. It seemed great at the time with me being new to quad, then due to a goofball move on my part that I can explain later if it helps.
I lost a channel on it. So I shelved it and stuck with my qrx4500 for my quad set up. Since then I have moved and have a much better listening room set up (but only one set up now) and thought I should try to get the QRX7001 fixed up since I have had some time to spare.
So this week, I got it out - did some research on what the problem might be, and found the 2 blown fuses that had caused the channel to go out. Now it is working on all 4 channels again and sounding incredible. Next, I started thinking about swapping it with the qrx4500 to be the receiver for my set up. It does sound better than the qrx4500 but the qrx4500 still sounds super great. My set up has a whole lot going on and the changeover would not be super easy. So I decided to hook up my quad reel to reel to the qrx7001 and listen to it for awhile first. After a time period of listening to it and just being so glad to have it working again and being impressed by the sound of it, I started to notice the channels weren't playing quite the same as I was used too.

After some investigative poking around, here is the actual problem it is having:
1. The aux, tape 1 play, tape 2 play rear inputs aren't working at all...
2 The aux, tape 1 play, and tape 2 play front inputs are sending signals to all 4 channels (in a synthesized quad manner - not the same signal front to back)
3. So even though it is hooked up correctly and all 4 channels have sound, the rear channels aren't working and playing to the signal that is being sent to them through the inputs and are instead playing music that is coming in through the front inputs only - so it is being really tricky!!

I am hoping I am missing something in setting it up, but I have been over it several times really closely. All off the switches on the top row are off, and only the aux, tape 1 and tape 2 buttons are being used when this is happening. I tried all 3 with the same result. So I don't think I am missing anything, but would be really glad if I was.
I have read that those tape monitor switches can be problematic, so I should deoxit them, but also read they are hard to get to and get clean. The buttons are all working ok as far as changing between each other and getting clean sound - and all the remaining volume, balance and adjustments have no static or anything.
Thanks for your help on this!
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May 12, 2002
Panama City, Florida
I had a QRX 6001 (which is the same as the 7001 only fewer wpc), so here's my suggestion before you send your unit off for repairs. I don't know why Sansui designed the units like this (but they did, and what I'm about to say applies to the 8001 and 9001 as well): be sure that the CD-4/4 Channel Direct button is pressed when you select the tape or aux inputs. If you don't the unit will attempt to decode whatever other button is pressed (Hall, Synthesizer, QS, SQ) giving strange results. I don't know how many times I've started listening to a 4-channel tape or a SACD or movie through the aux inputs and thought something was wrong with the receiver. I hope that it's nothing more than that! Keep us posted.