Raizes - Beautiful jazzy acoustic world music

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Once in a while I purchase Multichannel DSD tracks from Native DSD. I noticed whilst looking at my account that they had given me a free track from this album. I invite you to listen to the sound clips provided on their album page.

If you like that sort of acoustic sound, you will get a huge kick out of the album. Extremely well recorded. Worth every penny! :)
I agree.

It's one of the Top 10 Best Sellers on NativeDSD Music. Not surprising.

This one was recorded directly to Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256fs with no post production on the Just Listen label.
Beautifully recorded and performed. Brazilian bossa nova and samba music. Instrumentals and soft vocals.

Definitely one to download and enjoy!

Raizes - JL003 - 500w.jpg

"How this came about

I met Breno in 2014 in a bar around the corner of my house in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). He plays double bass in jazz trios there on Saturday nights. We became friends and started talking about recording stuff. Soon after he brought in 5 guys and recorded with us on ‘8 Ensembles in 1 Bit’. Quickly after we had some thoughts on a complete album, with music from composers that he grew up listening to, and some of his own compositions.

In November 2015 two days were picked and we rolled back into the stage at MCO in Hilversum with a Merging HAPI and analog mixing boards, carbon fiber cables and top notch mics. Today we are proud to present you ‘Raízes’. Roots in Portuguese. Not only does this title reflect the content of the works but it is also a symbol of the sound of Breno’s earthy and flowing double bass. Together with singers like Laura Polence and Lillian Vieira this makes a great listen for a laid back summer evening with the vibes and colors of the Brazilian landscapes in mind. Enjoy!

Jonas Sacks

Technical approach

Just like the previous project the main microphones (for Stereo) were a pair of Bruel and Kjaer (B&K) 4006 which have been rebuilt to accept 75 volt Phantom Powering directly from the stage. In between this pair of microphones we had a Sennheiser MK8 and a B&K 4006 coupled together to give us sound recorded using the M/S technique. The M/S Omni output from the front pair of B&K 4006 microphones was also being used as the center channel for the multichannel tracks. The support microphone for the vocals was the Sonodore MPM-91. The center and surround microphones (also B&K 4006) completed the microphone set.

All tracks (2 and 5 channels) went through custom made analog and battery powered preamplifiers, (Custom made by Rens Heijnis) which were then connected to the Merging Technologies HAPI Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) running at DSD 256fs with 3T carbon cable made by Van den Hul.

Jared Sacks"

This DSD music was never released on a SACD, but it is available as a DSD Download at NativeDSD.