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Rarity Guide & Average Sale Price Explained

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Mar 12, 2010
Levittown, PA/Pottsville, PA
Here is the explanation of the Rarity and Average Sale Price found on each thread in the Gallery.

If anyone has a Rarity rating, or an Average Sale Price for a unit that does not yet have one, or is marked "Unknown" you can either PM me or another Moderator, or post it on the thread itself, and it will be transferred to the top of the page for everyone to see. PM me or another Moderator, if you feel a Rarity Rating of an Average Sale Price is not correct.

Rarity Guide

COMMON: Almost always up for sale somewhere.
UNCOMMON: Not constantly available, but show up often enough that if you want one, you can get one in a reasonable amount of time.
SCARCE: (Fairly Rare) Not quite rare, but a little harder to find than the uncommon. These dont show up more than a few times a year.
RARE: Okay, now were talking once a year, give or take one of two units per year depending on the quad market at the time.
ULTRA RARE: (Extremely Rare) These are the ones most of us will never see in person, and HARDLY EVER show up for sale, if they do, you will pay well for it.

Average Sale Price:

This is simply, the usual price range you should expect to pay for a certain piece of equipment. These are often, but not always, reflected or based on the Rarity of the Unit. The Average Sale Price also has a lot to do with the Quality, Reputation, Features, Looks, Etc... of the Model.