Red Hot Chili Peppers - Off the Map

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this is a AC-3 cd in DTS of a performance from the 2000 tour by the Cili Puppies, getting a bit long in the tooth, and mostly made up of old favourites from the early 90's and even late 80's.

I liked it, but I also liked them back in the old days. I'm not sure this would appeal to non-fans at all.

The mix is decent, certainly sound quality is really good. Rear channels are mostly ambient echo, so you get the live sound effect from about 12th row centre. I find that the center and LFE don't make a huge difference except to add to a fuller soundstage effect, which is nice. The best stuff, IMO, is on the extra tracks, from different performances, that are in DTS, but you have to cue up each song, one at a time, instead of just being able to let them all play at once. Very annoying, but the tunes are worth it.

The video is ok, not as hyper as it was in the old days, as befits their geriatric state. There's not really much excitement. The camera focuses on the performers and ignores the elaborate multi-screen visuals going on in the back of the stage. You do get to see plenty of finger work from Flea and John Fruscianti (who is probably the best part of the video).

You can opt to show captioned lyrics on screen but some of them are rather mistaken and worth a laugh. Obviously they didn't get the band to proof this.

I thought it was worth the money (paid $25 full price) and a decent package, but probably not too interesting to non-fans unless you are really into funky hard rock music.