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Rate the DTS DVD of Renaissance - TURN OF THE CARDS

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R E Faust

Active Member
Mar 18, 2008
I voted 8 out of 10, though it was a close thing....nearly went for 7.

Marks knocked off for...

Cherry Red not making it clear that half the 5.1 tracks are upmixes
Not being a proper DVD-A despite the logo appearing on the box
One or two slight issues with the remixes - a little too much reverb on Annie's voice, lack of Harpsichord on Black Flame (it's too quiet IMHO)

I don't want to rank it lower as it might discourage others from getting it, I still think it's a good set and one of the bands best albums, and for my money fortunately the 3 tracks that are discrete mixes are the best 3 on the album.

Hopefully they have the multitracks for Scheherazade, but given Cherry Red have already done deluxe editions of Prologue, Ashes, Novella, Live and SFAS without 5.1 it looks like they might be gone....or did they not think about surround for those..?


May 6, 2015
Put me in the letdown camp.

This isn't my favorite Renaissance album to begin with (that would be A Song For All Seasons), but I enjoyed getting reacquainted with it, just the same, and I'm looking forward to hearing the famous "Academy of Music" show. The liner notes don't add much to the package, sadly--heavy on banal facts and anodyne quotes. The whole package is a decent enough value, though; the price came down to $32 by the time it shipped.
I sort of stopped reading after you said that "A Song for all Seasons" was better than anything before it. That album was pretty much when I stopped listening to them. I loved everything before that. :)


Well-known Member
Sep 28, 2017
First off I love the fidelity on this release. A definite improvement over my original US LP. The upmixed tracks sound fine but it is obvious when listening to the album as a whole which tracks they are. The tracks in discrete surround are nicely done. Not reference material but certainly worth owning and fully engaging. The beginning of Black Flame transports you to another world. The bonus tracks and live set are nice additions. I'm pretty pleased overall, especially as I never saw this album getting this deluxe treatment. Bring on the whole catalog! I'm voting an 8 with the two points deducted for the upmixes and a slightly tame approach.
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